Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Kitchen Nightmares Special: Cafe Hon - Hampden, Baltimore 21211

I hadn't visited this restaurant for a couple of reasons, it looked tacky and I had not heard anything nice about the owner. The food was supposed to be ok, but I could not get passed the door.

I heard that Gordon Ramsey was going to film a Kitchen Nightmare at Cafe Hon and I could not resist getting a reservation. I really like Ramsey's shows, and I was excited to get a glimpse of the famous chef and try out some of his recipes.

I went with a good buddy of mine, and left the wife with the little one (the main reason I've not been blogging much recently!). We had to wait outside for a while, but were treated to close ups with Chef Ramsey and Terrell Suggs, a Baltimore Ravens American football player. Ramsey said hello to everyone as he was rushed back and forth by the production crew. You could sense everyone's excitment at seeing the Kitchen Nightmares, Hell's Kitchen and Mater Chef star.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Carma's Cafe

The rise and shine coffee is great but the frittata tasted old, it was dry and grainy. There were also flies buzzingaround which was quite unpleasant.

Given the negatives you'd think I didn't like it, but for some reason I enjoyed the atmosphere and i'm definitely going top give them another chance.

Food, ok
Price, good

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Saturday, July 4, 2009

Cazbar - Charles street

Happy 4th. To celebrate the wife and i went to Cazbar on Charles street. I had the okra with lamb, see the picture, the wife had the mousaka. The plates are huge. We took doggy bags home. The lamb was great. Tender and well spiced. The mousaka wasn't the best. It was too greasy, and had way too much cheese. The staff are really great. They can't do enough for you and the food is good. Definitely worth a visit, but i'll probably leave sometime between repeat visits, it wont be on our regular rotation.

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