Friday, October 24, 2008

India Tandoor - 2101 North Charles St, Baltimore

The wife went out with girls tonight, Kali's Mezze. I wish I had gone. I was all excited about ordering Indian take-out. I thouhg tI would have a man's night in. Beer, sport and curry. Read how my night went below.

I ordered my food at 19:12 online, they said that the food would be delivered at 19:45. It is now 20:50, so they are an hour late. Very annoying.

Now 21:12 two hours from when I ordered. I have no idea how many times I have called the restaurant but they have stopped answering their phone. 

21:30. Still no food. The driver called at 21:20... he would be 3-4 mins. Last time I called the restaurant, they said his cell battery had died. Why lie? Why not just tell me the trough... you can't run a take-out restaurant.

Restaurant called to say they can't refund my purchase. I had given the driver a hard time, the restaurant told me to negotiate with him. No idea what that meant. So I just went off on a tirade about how late he was.

Driver called again, 2-3 mins, that was 21:32. Let's see when he arrives.

21:42. So that is ten mins then?

Open order. Plain rice not the saffron rice as ordered. No garlic naan. Idiots. Giving them a bad review everywhere and phoned foodler to say take them off their site.

Never, ever, order from India Tandoor.

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No Stars.

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