Friday, October 31, 2008

Kalis Meli - 1636 Thames St, Baltimore

So, not being from the US Halloween is a bit lost on me. Adults dressing up in costumes and getting so drunk that they can't see. It doesn't really appeal. Don't get me wrong, us Brits know how to drink. But the whole adults dressing up thing, that really confuses me. In Baltimore, it looked like Fells Point was the place to be if you were dressed up as the joker or a slutty nurse.

The Wife and I were grateful for the refuge that was Kalis Meli. The restaurant was a stones throw from all the 'action', but it seemed like a world away. Entering through the patissere, the restaurant and bar area has a very cool and sexy atmosphere. We were invited downstairs to the lounge area which was much more laid back than upstairs. The other diners, were young, hip and sexy. Some of our friends were there too. We decided we could hang out here. 

The waitress promptly took our drinks order, the Wife chose a glass of red, and because the place was very cool and sexy I chose a martini. If Bond can get away with it, then surely I can too?

Looking through the seasonal menu, we found it hard to decided what to eat. I went with the Duo of Duck and the Wife went with the Lamb Shank. Very difficult to choose though.

Not long after ordering, our drinks arrived. I don't think James would have ordered my martini. He definitely could have pulled it off. I didn't feel so comfortable drinking from the leopard print glass. Not very macho. The Wife's red wine looked much more manly. After getting passed the glass, the drink was nicely mixed, strong enough to know it was alcoholic but not blow my socks off.

The food didn't take too long to arrive, they clearly have the system well organized. The portions are pretty big, they probably could cut the size down by a quarter and keep people happy. We may then also have room to order dessert.

My Duo of Duck was cooked perfectly. It was juicy and slightly pink. It came with a nice side salad, that had orange marmalade running through it and was topped by a quails egg. Being a duo there was a leg and breast with a rich reduction gravy. The flavours were very well balanced, and I can highly recommend this dish.

Dining with the Wife is great, she is so small it is rare that she finishes a meal. Given the large size of the portions here, I was in for a very special treat. The Lamb Shank was very tender. The meat just fell off the bone. I could eat this everyday. Another meal we could highly recommend.

With the great atmosphere and food, there wasn't anything scary about the restaurant. It was the perfect hide out from Halloween.

The Wife's Rating

My Rating

* Are you Joking?
** A Horror Show
*** Trick or Treat?
**** Candy Apple Sweet
***** Light my Lantern

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