Saturday, November 8, 2008

Tapas Teatro - 1711 N. Charles Street, Baltimore

I love watching a good movie. I am very excited about the new James Bond film, Quantum Of Solace. The trailers have looked very exciting. Initially, I was concerned about having a blonde guy trying to be the tall dark and handsome Bond that I myself aspired to be. But Daniel Craig's first portrayal of Bond was really engaging. I think this next movie is going to be a cracker.

I know Quantum Of Solace is going to be shown in lots of theatres when it releases, but unfortunately, I do not like the majority of cinemas. The sticky floors, people talking through the movie, and overpriced soda and popcorn. The Wife and I went to watch a movie at AMC Towson Commons once. One girl shouted another down, and asked the B*$%h to step outside. We haven't been back. Thankfully I have been impressed by the growing number of independent and 'boutique' movie theatres that have been arriving in Baltimore.

We really enjoy the old school Senator, it provides a refreashing step back in time. Old school elegance with a hightech (ish) movie experience. The new Landmark Theatre in Harbor East is much more modern, and like the Senator you can take your drinks in to the movie. But I do take objection to drinking out of a plastic cup. So that leaves The Charles Theatre at 1711 N. Charles Street. This is the epitome of cool. They show arty films for film lovers. I don't know what it makes me, I went to see Borat there. But it is a great experience. It is a shame they do not have Quantum Of Solace lined up to play.

I would highly recommend that you visit 1711 N. Charles Street though if just to go to Tapas Teatro.

This trendy restaurant is very popular, and for good reason. The service is always polite and prompt. The drinks are well mixed, with great wine and beer selections. Their tag line, small plates big pleasure, really is true. The quality of ingredients is very difficult to fault. This is a restaurant you can rely on for consistently good food.

The restaurant has just started a new scheme to use local produce. This doesn't only mean the quality of produce can be easily monitored by the restaurant, the menu will be even more seasonal, they will be helping local farmers and their carbon footprint will be reduced significantly. We often forget the thousands of miles our produce often travels and the impact that is having on our environment.

The Wife and I are big fans of restaurants that support local farmers and are environmently friendly.

I chose the Sprouts with Truffle Parmesan sauce, and Lamb Meatballs. The wife chose New Potatoes and Beef Skillet Steak. The wife said the Sprouts were the best she has every had, the new potatoes were fresh and really tasty. 

To be honest, I felt a little let down by the steak and meatballs. Often we have the Lamb Cutlets, but we stepped outside our box, and they were not as tasty as the Lamb. Still excellent, but slightly dissapointing for this fantastic restaurant. I felt there was a little too much cumin in the meatballs, and the steak was a little over cooked for our taste.

Overall we love Tapas Teatro, and we know we will be going back time and time again. Maybe next time we will have a meal and then head to the cinema. 

Our Rating
**** given our usual experience it should be five.

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