Saturday, February 14, 2009

Miss Shirley’s - 513 West Cold Spring Lane, Baltimore, MD 21210

I am not one for sending cards. My family hate it. They all send me wonderful Christmas and Birthday cards, but for me I don’t see the point. They get put on display for a few days, start to gather dust and you take them down. Then what? Do you recycle them or do you keep them? Imagine the massive pile of cards some people must have stored up. Will they ever read them all? My guess is no. People who display them for just a few days and then recycle them don’t look at them again either. So, what is the point?

Valentine’s Day is one of those days when we all feel obliged to give cards. They say this is to show love for one another. The cards don’t show that. They say, “I am unoriginal and feel the pressure of the media to give you this card”. It will get read once and then put in the trash.

Having said that, the wife loves receiving cards, so I HAD to get her one. The card itself meant nothing, but the what I had written inside was pure poetry! I can be smooth when called in to action.

Besides from the cheesy cards, Valentine’s Day is a great day. The day should be about focusing on your partner, letting them know you prefer them over yourself. That is a weird concept in this day and age, but something that people need to hear. My needs, feelings and emotions matter, but if anything I am doing hurts my partner, then I must prefer their feelings over mine.

And so on Valentine’s Day we went to Miss Shirley’s and I did something that I abhor. I shared my brunch with the Wife.

Usually, I tell her that if I wanted to eat what she was eating, I would have ordered it. But on this special day, I decided to prefer my wife over myself.

After reviewing the menu, I decided I wanted the Chicken and Waffles. But then because I was sharing I settled for the Bayou Omelet. The Wife picked a short stack of Banana Pancakes.As would be expected from Miss Shirley’s, the food was excellent and in big portions.

The mixture of Young, Old and Family diners is something that only Miss Shirley’s can pull off. The place feels trendy and homely at the same time.

Some of the Wife’s friends have one or two issues with one of the Waiters, but on this occasion the service was excellent. I don’t recall ever having an issue with service any time I have been there.

We really enjoyed our Valentine’s Day brunch at Miss Shirley’s. Sharing the meal showed my Wife I prefer her over myself. And fortunately for me, the portions are big enough for me to have a regular full sized portion of what I want, and to share the rest!

Our Rating (out of 5*s)

**** Very good, but portion size and calorie content stop us from eating here too regularly!

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CJ said...

Some of the Wife’s friends have one or two issues with one of the Waiters..

And management's response to the waitstaff problem when informed was??

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