Friday, February 13, 2009

Petit Louis – 4800 Roland Park Avenue, Baltimore, MD 21210

Travelling for work is such a pain, means I have to leave my wife, stay in hotels and eat plane food. Usually, I go to developing countries, which means the hotels are not always that great and the airlines serve rubbish food.

This latest trip was to France. I was so excited. I got to fly BA, go through terminal 5 and have good food ALL week.

BA serve the best food out of every airline I have ever flown. It actually tastes like proper food and the have great drinks. The best G&T I have ever had was on a BA flight back from Tanzania. I still remember it. Wonderful.

Every time I fly now, I am only going to fly BA and through terminal 5. T5 is the newest terminal in Heathrow and it is bigger than most airports! You wont believe the shops they have there. And the restaurants are something else. Mind you, I only ate at the Gordon Ramsey Plane Food restaurant. The food was awesome. On the way back I took my boss there. He was blown away by the quality of the ingredients. You might think because it was Ramsey’s restaurant that the prices would be sky high. Well, you would be wrong. You’d pay more for a cup of coffee and sandwich at Starbucks.

While in France we were staying at a ‘Retreat’. Very very relaxing. A large open fireplace in the main room, wine and cheese ‘on tap’ during the evening. We wanted for nothing. The food was homemade and seriously good. Which, besides the time sharing with my colleagues, made the week for me.

So, coming back from France, I was very excited to see the Wife had booked us in at Petit Louis for the night before Valentine’s Day. Who can get enough French food?!

This was our first time. My Sister In-Law came to visit from the Cayman Islands and went to Petit. She was very impressed. It wasn’t looking promising. The wife tried to find new reservations, but given the date, everything was fully booked.

Reluctantly, we turned up at the restaurant. We gave our name at reception and got directed to the busy bar area and told to get a cocktail. Given that we had booked, we didn’t expect to hang around too long, and so we held off the cocktails. What we didn’t expect was the entertainment!

The Head Waiter had to strong arm an older lady out of the restaurant! We have no idea why, but it was pretty funny!

We got sat in a pretty nice spot where we could watch the other diners. This is not our usual crowd. You can tell it isn’t downtown because the pearl necklace brigade was out enforce!

I had the sweatbreads, the wife had magret duck breast. Both were excellent. To drink I had a couple of Bass pale ales, and the wife had the cote de Rhone. Again, both were excellent.

We both enjoyed our food and drink, but the restaurant felt like it was trying too hard. This is a tough one to call, the food was great, but it felt like Disturbia.

Our Rating

**** Excellent Food and Drink. Just needs to be more relaxed.

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